There Is No Going Back

West Norfolk residents have flyposted across our towns and villages, while following social distancing guidelines, to raise awareness of the crossroads we face in a post-covid world.

Extinction Rebellion groups across the country, including our local chapter here in West Norfolk, have been flyposting today (30th April) in a coordinated national action we’re calling No Going Back. Today we speak out against returning to a system that was needlessly destroying the planet and failing to recognise the value of all. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has shown the enormous strength of our communities when we work together, and also revealed the many flaws in the current systems we live by. We must learn the lessons from this crisis and take them forward in our response to the climate crisis. We can either go back to supporting businesses that destroy our planet for profit, or we can invest in a cleaner, fairer future. That’s why we are saying no to government bailouts of destructive big businesses and urging everyone to contact our local MP.

The situation has shown how the government can make drastic changes to address a terrible crisis. We can’t let them drag us back to “business as usual” once we’ve beaten the virus. Destructive big businesses are lining up to plead for government bailouts, but our tax money can’t be used to prop up those who are stealing the future for profit.

We are at a watershed moment in the history of our society. We will have to rebuild, and we can choose to do that with cleaner, greener, and fairer systems that hold respect for the planet and all people in equal measure. 

In this moment of darkness, we need to bring attention to the glowing future we could have before us. There is NO GOING BACK.


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