Covid-19 Response – Zoom Meetings

In line with leading public health experts advice, and to do our part to avoid potential spread of infection of Coronavirus and reduce further pressure to the NHS, as of 14th March we are moving all our meetings online until further notice.

Please email us or contact our social profiles if you wish to join our online meetings, currently rescheduled for Tuesdays at 7pm. Anyone is welcome to attend.

We will be using an online video conferencing tool called Zoom to meet. It’s simple enough to use, and we will try our best to support anyone who needs help getting logged on.

Over the coming weeks we will are planning on hosting a variety of online talks, trainings, and more to keep us all connected, entertained and educated. We’re currently running a weekly ‘pub social’ every Friday at 7:30pm – see our Events page or Facebook for all the latest.

Let’s be proactive, looking after ourselves and each other in our communities, especially those who are older, chronically sick, disabled or otherwise particularly vulnerable or isolated. In this rebellion of hearts, we are pulsing fiercely, as one, Power Together.

Using Zoom costs about £15 per month. Please consider donating, if you can, to help us cover the cost of meeting online.


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