Break The Silence protest in King’s Lynn

The Red Rebel Brigade joined the West Norfolk chapter of Extinction Rebellion for a silent protest in King’s Lynn on Saturday. The Brigade represents the common blood we share with all species that unifies us and makes us one. 

The Borough Council have once again failed to take serious action on the climate and ecological crisis we all face, and so once again we take to the streets. Our silent march processed through the streets of King’s Lynn, our silence spreading as shoppers took in the stark image of the Red Rebels. 

After the march gathered outside the Town Hall where three rebels offered themselves up to take part in an ancient practice of shaving their heads as an act of mourning and grief. 

We then finally broke our silence with a reading of our ‘Declaration of Rebellion’, a poem written by a rebel for this event, and a speech by a climate expert. When will our leaders break their silence and finally tell the truth about the severity of the situation? 

Robert Shippey, one of those to sacrifice his hair, said “I’m honoured that the hauntingly beautiful Red Rebels bore witness to our silent protest today. We borrowed the practice of shaving our hair from many ancient cultures. We grieve for the destruction of our natural world, and for the people whose lives have been, and will be, torn apart in this crisis. The dozens of people here today appreciate the urgency and want to see deep changes to be made, I hope the council leaders will wake up before it’s too late.”


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