Walk for Nature

Yesterday morning, 10th June, over 50 people representing more than 8 local nature groups as well as individuals came together to “Walk for Nature” along a scenic riverside route in King’s Lynn. The groups, individuals and local councillors showed their solidarity and their support for nature.

The 2.5 mile nature walk, organised by groups including XR collaborating together, ended with a picnic sharing good food at Harding’s Pits where short speeches were made from representatives for the various groups.

The groups involved included: Extinction Rebellion, KLimate Concern, Friends of the Earth, Norfolk Wildlife Trust, Ryston Rachel’s Hedgehog Hotel, Nature Volunteer Network, Save Our Swifts, Swallows Sand martins and House martins, and Hardings Pits Community Association.

Trudy Clark, one of the main organisers and founder of Nature Volunteer Network, said “I was blown away by so many people turning up on such a hot day, it goes to show how important nature is to us all. It gives me great hope that five Borough Councillors took part, and a representative of all the major supporter groups gave us a talk during the picnic after the walk. It was a joyous occasion, although we are very much aware that nature needs our help desperately. So many groups coming together like this shows real commitment, and I have no doubt that such commitment will get things done in the very near future.”

Many of the speakers echoed similar sentiments about the importance of groups working together in solidarity, which is important because of the scale and urgency of the pressures that our natural world is facing. Speakers shared stories about the plight of birds, hedgehogs, insects, as well as green and natural spaces and the developments which threaten them such as the proposed Wash Barrier.

Robert Shippey of Extinction Rebellion, a steward on the walk, said “All the groups working together feels like a step-change locally in the ongoing campaign to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises. Everyone is needed, and more people are starting to get involved in various ways.”