Reflections of a West Norfolk Rebel at Summer Rebellion

By Anonymous Rebel


An opinion piece written by the author and does not necessarily reflect the positions of our Extinction Rebellion group. We publish opinions as a way to further healthy debate about the climate and ecological crisis. Contact us if you would like to submit an article.

I take a moment amidst the colourful flags, the insistent beating of tribal drums and the sea of young and old alike holding placards.

We act in Peace

Tell the Truth

The World is Getting Hotter

Ban Fossil Fuels

Save the Amazon Forest

We are all desperately trying to get the attention of an indifferent government which is already plotting behind the walls of power on how to crush our peaceful demonstrations. My eyes focus on a young girl, barely 15. Her face is red, her fists are in the air and she screams with all the power of her teenage lungs!

Extinction… Rebellion

Extinction… Rebellion

I want to live

I am overwhelmed, as I often am these days, by the enormity of the most pressing issue facing humanity. I look at the girl and I am engulfed by an indescribable grief. I imagine her in her twenties, thirties, and forties. I know that the planet we are leaving behind for her will be very different from the one I’ve been privileged to enjoy. This girl, at such young age, is living with this crucifying awareness. I wonder what will happen to her dreams. Will she fall in love? Will her biological clock tick as mine did? Will she even be alive? I think of my children in their twenties and my grief turns to rage, I am joining the girl and many others, screaming at the top of my ageing lungs.



I want the children and the young to live.

I want them to rescue the dying planet I am leaving behind.

I want them to create the world that many of us dreamt of and sang about.

I am a rebel for life carrying this crucifying awareness, heavy with grief.

And behind the walls of power, orders are a sent to increase the pressure against the demonstrators. Sound equipment is confiscated, fines issued, hundreds of arrests are being made. Abuse of power and intimidation to bully us out of our right to protest and break our spirit.

But they fail to crush the spirit of this movement. The truth about climate change cannot be hidden for much longer. Everyone will see and feel it in their bones.



Extinction…Rebellion – We are ferocious rebels and you can’t stop our love, you can’t stop our rage.


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