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Local MP: council should “do a lot, lot, lot more” on climate

Member of Parliament for North West Norfolk Sir Henry Bellingham met with protesters at the Global Climate Strike in King’s Lynn last Friday and stated that the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk must do much more to combat the climate crisis.

In this video he is seen speaking to Extinction Rebellion’s Dr Charlie Gardner, who asks him to sign the group’s petition for the council to declare a climate emergency. The MP refused.

When Dr Gardner asked for his personal opinion on whether the council should declare a climate emergency, the MP replied “I think they should do a lot, lot, lot more”.

He then stated “If it would make a difference for the council to declare a climate emergency, if there’s something they could achieve by doing it, then I would be in favour”

When Dr Gardner suggested that West Norfolk might be one of the most vulnerable boroughs to climate change, due to being largely at sea level, Sir Henry nodded his head in agreement and said “we are”. When Dr Gardner reiterated that “we are more vulnerable than anybody”, Bellingham appeared to respond “We are, I quite agree”.

The MP indicated that he would be speaking to the council about the climate emergency, saying “I am seeing them in half an hour and I will challenge them”.

Before leaving, the MP stated his admiration for the climate strikers. He said “I admire your tenacity and your determination to bring this to be public’s attention, I really do. You’ve become mainstream”.

Charlie Gardner adds “It was great to have a chance to speak to our MP. He seemed to really enjoy his lunch in Greggs and we were happy to spot him!”


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