Working Group & Roles

Our local group is organised into smaller ‘working groups’ (sometimes called circles) which are able to work autonomously in their specific areas, e.g the Arts & Creative group doesn’t need permission from the whole local group to start a creative project (circles will still usually work together where appropriate).

Currently we have the following working groups. There are similar groups at the national and regional level, so we aim to keep connected to those to share ideas and resources.

Get in touch using the emails below to get involved!

Arts & Creative

Creating the striking visuals that give XR actions their impact, designing and making posters, banners, flags, and more. 

XR has a strong brand that embraces creativity and reinvention, so your great idea can come to life in this group.


Action Planners

Our Actions group plans the protests, rallys, direct action, and digital campaigns that our group takes part in.

Non-violent direct action is core to XR, people are needed to come up with the grand ideas and also to hammer out the fine details of our next action.


Finance & Funding

Posters, leaflets, arts supplies, trainings, equipment, room hire, zoom, and more. Campaigning needs funds, and needs people to source and manage those funds. 

We don’t receive regular funds from the national or regional XR groups, so have to source our own funds locally. If you’re able, please consider donating.


Media & Messaging

Developing our PR and media strategy, looking after our social media accounts and website, and liaising with members of the press.

Wide coverage of our activities is vital to effective campaigning, we need to ensure to engage with press to get coverage, as well as successfully using our own social media to communicate our messages.


Outreach & Training

Outreach to recruit more activists and supporters and communicate our core demands to the public through various activities.

Organise and deliver Non-Violent Direct Action training and other trainings for our rebels and the public.


Wellbeing & Regen

Building long-term resilience, health and wellbeing in XR and the wider community.

A regenerative culture is fundamental to our approach to campaigning. We look after ourselves so that we can be effective and sustained activists.