Declaration of Rebellion against the UK Government

As part of a coordinated action happening simultaneously across the UK on 7th and 14th September, members of Extinction Rebellion King’s Lynn and West Norfolk will declare themselves in open rebellion against the UK government as a result of its inaction on the climate crisis and failing in its duty to keep us, its citizens, safe.

I did not expect to become a rebel in my retirement but I have come to the shocking realisation that decades of warnings from climate scientists and years of conventional campaigning by environmental groups and ordinary people have not yet inspired Government to do enough to avoid catastrophe.

Brenda Kent – Reluctant Rebel
Downham Market

I choose people over profit .
I choose planet over plunder. 
I choose life over extinction.

Bernadette Barclay
Stoke Ferry

Unless I rebel now it will be too late. Large areas of land around Downham will be underwater in the foreseeable future, yet Government sits on its hands, doing too little, too late to make a real difference. We all must act now and do what we can if we want to be able to look our children and grandchildren in the eyes, secure their future and that of every child and make Downham safe for our unborn generations.

Alastair Kent
Downham Market

People are waking up to the fact that climate change requires immediate action, but the average person in the street can feel powerless, beyond small personal changes. It is obvious that the system and our governance needs radical change. Starting locally, we can do much more to pave the way for sustainable living and working, we have a duty to encourage new ways of protecting and even rewilding our environment, starting with a new, sustainable approach to the way we operate in our immediate surroundings, our beloved town.

Liz Pendleton
Downham Market


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