County Council Election Pledges

May 6th is local election day. Voting is important, but we see it as the “bare minimum” and the real work fighting for change happens every day, not just once every four years. 

Your local Extinction Rebellion group has reached out to all Norfolk County Council candidates standing for election across West Norfolk. We asked them to sign up to a list of five pledges on topics we think we key to tackling the climate and ecological emergency within Norfolk. 

Some candidates signed up for all the pledges without question, some signed up for a few of them, and some did not respond. We only asked the candidates to commit to each pledge, but some gave more detailed responses. Below are their full responses, where given. 

1) Protect Biodiversity
Do you support making protecting areas of biodiversity and reversing the decline of habitats across Norfolk a priority in every council decision? 

2) Climate Emergency 
West Norfolk has one of the highest carbon footprints in the country. Do you support Norfolk-wide net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025? 

3) Wensum Link Road
Do you oppose the Wensum Link Road project? 

4) New Green Jobs
Do you support creating new, well-paid and secure jobs in the green sector across Norfolk? 

5) Divest Pension Fund
The Norfolk Pension Fund, controlled by NCC currently invests over £108 million in fossil fuel companies. Do you support divesting the NCC’s Norfolk Pension Fund from fossil fuel companies by 2025?

View the full responses from candidates here.