Blue Plaques Commemorate MP Record On Water Pollution

Today 11 campaigners from our group demonstrated about James Wild MP’s voting record on pollution into our waterways across the country, and the health of Gaywood River chalk stream. Affixing 10 “blue plaques” in the style of English Heritage at notable points along King’s Lynn’s Gaywood River, local campaigners highlighted that in 2021 James Wild MP voted against requiring companies to lower the levels of sewage they dump into rivers and seas.

Plaques were put up at points along the Gaywood River including the Walks, Eastgate bridge, LynnSport, Stone bridge at Woonton road, and also the Conservative club.

In Parliament this week, Conservative MPs including James Wild, voted for new environmental targets on water pollution which allow companies to continue to pollute for 15 more years. Our water ways, including Gaywood River, are already in a dire state and can’t suer over a decade more pollution.

Local Extinction Rebellion campaigner Robert Shippey, 31, said “Our waterways are so important to our environment and local community, we can’t stand by and watch them being dumped into. I know so many local people are unhappy with the condition the Gaywood River is in. Why does this government keep protecting company profits over nature?”

King’s Lynn police attended the demonstration at the Walks but no arrests were made.

Across the country today, dozens of other groups including XR, wild swimmer groups and more have displayed similar blue plaques in their local areas in an eort to highlight what is happening. See #DirtyWater for UK wide coverage.

XR King’s Lynn have been campaigning against pollution in the Gaywood River for over a year, including multiple demonstrations and a large petition.

The precious chalk stream, which used to be in good health, is now a tale of two rivers. Upstream, near the chalk aquifer source, the water is crystal clear, flourishing with various plant life, insects and fish. Downstream is a different story, the water is brown and the variety of life is replaced with algae blooms and sewage fungus which indicate poor health and pollution.